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Clase Azul Tequila

Edición Limitada x Eduardo Sarabia

This convergence

Guided by our purpose of showcasing Mexican culture, we’ve sought to collaborate with some of our country’s leading contemporary artists to learn from their perspectives and aesthetic visions.


This joven tequila is a unique blend of unaged tequila, an añejo tequila aged in Russian oak casks and another añejo aged in amontillado sherry casks.

Eduardo Sarabia

Born in Los Angeles to Mexican parents, Sarabia has lived and worked in Guadalajara, Jalisco for over 20 years. His diverse body of work, encompassing painting, sculpture and installations, frequently showcases his preference for traditional materials.
Sarabia draws inspiration from his own life experiences and the rich folk history of Northern Mexico to create romantic visual narratives which meld personal whimsy with poignant commentary on contemporary Mexican culture.
Employing his characteristically playful style and cumulative artistic language, Eduardo Sarabia decorated this decanter with characters and motifs of great personal importance.
On the front, crossed pairs of picks and spades recall a childhood story of his grandfather’s eternal quest for hidden treasure, while the face of a two-peso coin bears the date 1976, the year the artist was born. Both these elements recur often in Sarabia’s work.
On the back are allegorical portraits of a parrot, a rooster and a she-goat, sardonic characters drawn from the folk and musical narratives of his family’s native Sinaloa.
There are two variations of this decanter: the first, Dorado, boasts decorative elements accentuated with lustrous 24-karat gold, giving its surface a rich sheen. The second, Color, recreates animal motifs in vivid green and red hues and adorns other elements with 24-karat gold, creating a vibrant array of colors that complements our signature cobalt blue.

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